Hashomer Yosh

Hashomer Yosh was founded in 5773 (2013) and its most important objective was to assist the various farmers throughout Judea and Samaria, who bravely protect our lands and stand strong in the face of economic difficulties and frequent agricultural crime.

Our assistance to these farmers is primarily thanks to the volunteers – individuals and groups, young and old, who come to guard at night against thieves, or to lend a hand and help out with various tasks on the farms. Aside for the support via manpower, the organization also helps by providing agricultural and security equipment and responding in times of emergency.

The grazing areas and farms where we volunteer and which we protect span thousands of dunams, and thanks to them, we maintain our connection to the land of Israel, in addition to displaying a sense of mutual responsibility toward these farmers who stand on the front lines every day. The results of the important work of Hashomer Yosh’s volunteers are visible on a daily basis, with the flourishing of Jewish agriculture in Judea and Samaria at an unprecedented level, as well as a noticeable decrease in the number of thefts and agricultural crime rates.

Mark Zell
Mark ZellAttorney and Chairman of the Republican Party in Israel, and Chairman of the Executive Committee at Ariel University
קרא עוד
“I would like to encourage everyone to support Hashomer Yosh, which deals with agricultural crime throughout the country and especially here in Judea and Samaria, against those who want to interfere with the Jewish nation’s right to settle the land and develop this country and the agricultural of the land of Israel. They are doing wonderful work, on a volunteer basis and with the utmost dedication. I call for everyone to support Hashomer Yosh.”

Projects and Programs

We at Hashomer Yosh, in conjunction with the farmers on the farms, operate programs and special projects suitable for diverse target audiences. These programs include community projects, programs for teenagers and young adults, experiences and overnights on farms, special events, professional courses, and more. Some of the programs are nationwide and promote new connections, while others emphasize the connection to a specific location. You may find interactive programs such as living on farms for a certain period of time, one-time projects, and ongoing projects that can be integrated with everyday routines.

We invite you to find the program best suited for you…

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About Us

Hashomer Yosh was founded about a decade ago based on the understanding that protecting state land is a national responsibility incumbent on all of us.

The farmers of Judea and Samaria must contend, on a daily basis, with agricultural crime – theft, arson, and squatting on state land. This means that the farmer must be vigilant and stand guard 24/7 – a task that is practically impossible when you are alone and must manage a farm during the day. This is exactly where we come into the picture.

Hashomer Yosh assists and provides support to farmers and volunteers on site, both in guarding the farms, the sheep and the cattle, and with the agricultural work itself, thereby protecting state land.

The organization’s staff works to reinforce safety, security, and the Jewish presence in agricultural areas in Judea and Samaria, by responding in real time – with the help of volunteers and field coordinators, and by collaborating with communities, civilian bodies, and government entities.

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Managers of the Organization

Avichai Suissa


Shabtai Koshlevsky

VP and Project Coordinator

Roey Barel

Field Coordinator of Binyamin, Samaria, and the Jordan Valley

Yoav Etzion

Field Coordinator in Gush Etzion and Har Hevron

Meir Bertler

Foreign Relations

Hodaya Forkevich

Volunteer Hotline Manager

Adi Diamant

Development, Content, and Media Coordinator

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